Venice, LA is widely renowned for having some of the best sports fishing in the entire world. It is such a popular destination because throughout the year there are numerous game fish in the waters of both the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Venice, LA.

Fishes you can Catch at Venice Fishing Charters:

1.Dorado – These fish are abundant up and down Venice, LA coastlines. They can be found year round, but are most plentiful between October and March.

2.Marlin – Black and Blue Marlin are plentiful in the waters off the shores all year round. Their numbers tend to peak between October and December, though. Blue Marlin also increase in amounts from about April through June.

3.Yellow Fin Tuna – This species is a favorite target for sports fishers who visit Venice, LA because of their sufficient numbers all along the Pacific coast throughout the entire year.

4.Sailfish – Offering a significant challenge due to their speed, Sailfish are common in the Pacific Ocean off the western coastline of Venice, LA. They found all year, but their season peaks from about December until May.

5.Wahoo – Not overly high in numbers, Wahoo is one of the rarest types of fish found in this area. They can most commonly be found between May and August on the Pacific coast and from February through June off the Atlantic coast.

6.Snapper – Snapper is incredibly plentiful in the Pacific Ocean waters off the west coast. They are essential targets for traveling anglers because they are abundant all year round.

7.Roosterfish – These are favorite inshore fishing targets. They are ample in numbers all year, but between July and September is the peak season for this species.

8.Rainbow Bass – Although not overly bounteous in numbers, Rainbow Bass make their home in some of the inland lakes and rivers across the area. They can most commonly be found any time of the year in Lake Arenal and CaƱo Negro.

The various types of fish in Venice, LA, and their natural availability have made Venice, LA one of the world’s most famous fishing destinations. Sports fishers from all over the world and of all skill levels can find an adventure of a lifetime awaiting them!