During a recent pet industry convention, we were pleased to meet the folks behind the Puppia Harness finally. We were more happy to learn that they are launching several new lines of mesh harnesses that have quickly become a sure hit for dog lovers of all sizes. Today, I am going to talk about the harness that started it all, and what has become the standard of mesh-harnesses – the Original Puppia Harness.

Like most of our gear for dogs, we purchased our first Original Puppia Harness shortly after our first Shiba Inu came into our life a little over two years ago. This was the first harness that we purchased. Our first impression was how comfortable it had felt as we were pinching the mesh fabric and examining the reinforced seems. The harness was also breathable and very light, which is important to us as we are very active with our dogs and we wanted our dogs to remain cool. With our requirements met, we decided to purchase the harness.

From day one, the harness has exceeded our expectations. First of all, sizing the Original Harness for our Shiba was a cinch. There is only one buckle to play with and adjust, so the harness also goes on and comes off effortlessly. The fit was perfectly snug, which is important as our older Shiba is a sure puller. We had expected our dogs to pull from wearing a harness, but due to the reinforced seams and comfortable mesh throughout the entire chest and lower neck area, the harnesses offered just enough give, and their pulling does not cause any discomfort to their delicate neck area.

Image Credits:https://www.pawprintsandcurlytails.co.za/

I cannot speak enough of how comfortable the Original Puppia Harnesses are. Our dogs love it, and we guarantee your dogs will love it too. Sizes are available for little toy-dogs, up to dogs over 150lbs. The available colors are just as plentiful, with over nine colors in the Original Puppia Harness line to choose from. Keep your dogs cool and comfortable this summer. Get them the Original Puppia Harness today from The Pooch Store.